About the Calendar

I’ve been playing around with various calendars. Two so far. I wasn’t happy with either one.

I think I’ve found one that not only has the functionality I’m looking for, but also looks pretty good.

Yes, my main issue with the current calendar is that it looks awful. Call me shallow. What’s more, I can’t tweak the styling because it’s hard-coded into the page markup. If all that’s a lot of gobbledegook nonsense to you, don’t worry; that’s why I’m here. I’ll keep futzing with it until I’m happy. Hopefully you’ll be happy too.

Aside from the awful styling, the calendar does what it’s supposed to: displays our upcoming events.

If you have any events coming up, or want to add some information to existing events, please drop me a line: alfred@notoriouswebmaster.com, or give me a call at 561 501-0119.


3 thoughts on “About the Calendar”

  1. Alfred…The newsletter is not from the board is from me personally That is an important legal distinction. Please correct your heading in that regard

  2. This week the calendar of events will hopefully mirror the info on channel 63 and be updated as things change, added, deleted. The more information I have the more useful it will be. Example, all the movies for the month. I did see the signs posted that the movies moved from Monday to Tuesday.

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